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( Apr. 23rd, 2009 01:19 pm)

Shameless Plug Time!

The Drabbler #13
Vanishing Act by Jacquelyne Drainville
Illustration by Tim Sale

I'm settling into my position as managing editor of AnthologyBuilder.  I love it!  Love the stories, and the experience, and meeting a number of new and interesting authors.  Nancy Fulda has brought Merrie Haskell aboard to head the public domain section.  Welcome, Merrie!
Our home loan still hasn't closed, so we're in moving limbo.  It makes it hard to check the net and get anything productive done beyond packing and waiting.  Nancy has kindly offered to shoulder my duties while I move.  Thanks, Nancy!  We've had to extend all of our moving plans twice now, but it looks (hopefully) like the end is in sight.  Buying a home in this market has been no easy feat.  I'm looking forward to actually starting work on the home.

It looks like I might have to download my website and find alternate hosting for it.  Google is switching their websites to Google Sites which apparently doesn't allow java, custom css or even html editing...  I suppose it was too good to last at only $10 a year.  Any of my web savvy friends know where I should go next?  My domain's registered through GoDaddy, but I'm not really tied to it.  I have no idea how to move a whole website.  Any tech help would be appreciated... Lauren?  Help! ;) :D

I've just gotten everything confirmed and sent off to the publisher. My first sold story will be accompanied by a Tim Sale illustration! I'm so giddy with excitement. And honored to have such friends.

If any of you are wondering, Tim Sale is a comic book artist very well known in his field for work on Batman: The Long Halloween, Spiderman: Blue, and numerous other runs. His work is also seen predominantly in the show Heroes. I have been a regular poster on his message boards for the last few years, and we've met a few times at different events. When he heard about my first story sale to The Drabbler, he offered to illustrate it.

The editors seem almost as excited as me!

I got to see his initial sketch and the finished inks, and they're so much fun. This will be a publication I treasure forever. For so many reasons.

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( Jan. 16th, 2009 03:27 pm)

Tim Sale offered to illustrate my story, "Vanishing Act".  I think I might be dreaming this whole thing.  Tim Sale illustrating my story?!  I never would have even dared to believe that might happen.  Not even in an alternate universe. *faints*
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( Jan. 16th, 2009 01:24 am)
It's official! I've sold my first short story. "Vanishing Act" was picked up for the next issue of The Drabbler*. I get a whole dollar and a free copy of Drabbler #13. :D

It might not be a pro sale, but it was a great feeling to get something other than a rejection slip for once! And the editor of the publication is really nice. :)

*A drabble is a short story of exactly 100 words.

Here's my take on an old classic. I've been working on a retelling of the story, and many of these images have been stuck in my mind for months.

The drawing itself was done for Tim Sale's Travel Sketchbook. Tim Sale is the artist behind Batman: The Long Halloween, Spiderman: Blue, and the art of the TV show Heroes. I was really blessed to get to be a part of this experience. Thanks, Tim!

You can read all about the submissions and the book's travels here -- [link]

And you can see the images here -- [link]

My pictures should be up there within the next few days, so check back often!

The drawing was done with graphite pencils and Prismacolors. It took me about four days to complete. Too many hours to count. I'm glad it's done and that the book is on its way again. But it's a memory I'll treasure forever.

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( Nov. 13th, 2007 07:59 am)
I've reached about 24,000 words on my first ever novel.  Who knew I could get so far in only twelve days?  My brain will be mush by the end of the month! 

EDIT: I forgot to say thank you!


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