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( May. 21st, 2009 10:26 am)

Fun with website buttons! I even made one for my own site. Cause I'm nerdy like that.

I'm back to my editing duties at AnthologyBuilder. Hooray! So send me all of your published stories and poems that you have lying around in need of new homes... In shiny anthologies that readers design themselves. ;)

AB is also in need of cover art as well. Please go to the website to see the artists' guidelines!
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( Apr. 23rd, 2009 01:19 pm)

Shameless Plug Time!

The Drabbler #13
Vanishing Act by Jacquelyne Drainville
Illustration by Tim Sale

I'm settling into my position as managing editor of AnthologyBuilder.  I love it!  Love the stories, and the experience, and meeting a number of new and interesting authors.  Nancy Fulda has brought Merrie Haskell aboard to head the public domain section.  Welcome, Merrie!
Our home loan still hasn't closed, so we're in moving limbo.  It makes it hard to check the net and get anything productive done beyond packing and waiting.  Nancy has kindly offered to shoulder my duties while I move.  Thanks, Nancy!  We've had to extend all of our moving plans twice now, but it looks (hopefully) like the end is in sight.  Buying a home in this market has been no easy feat.  I'm looking forward to actually starting work on the home.

It looks like I might have to download my website and find alternate hosting for it.  Google is switching their websites to Google Sites which apparently doesn't allow java, custom css or even html editing...  I suppose it was too good to last at only $10 a year.  Any of my web savvy friends know where I should go next?  My domain's registered through GoDaddy, but I'm not really tied to it.  I have no idea how to move a whole website.  Any tech help would be appreciated... Lauren?  Help! ;) :D
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( Feb. 22nd, 2009 08:54 pm)

This past week has been full of surprises.  First, I was offered the position as the Managing Editor of AnthologyBuilder.  I'm very excited, as I've always hoped to gain experience in the field.  I've been editing the works of my friends and peers for years, and I'm always game to read a short story or ten.... thousand.  I'm also looking forward to meeting the many authors and artists that AB is currently bringing together.  I've noticed a few new watchers on my LJ profile.  Please feel free to introduce yourselves!  I don't bite... ;)

On top of that news, we heard back from the sellers of a home we put a bid on over two weeks ago.  They went through our offer, and we're now in negotiations.  Before the week is out we may (hopefully) be in escrow!  It would be lovely to have a home of our own, though hectic for a while!

On Saturday I discovered that I received a Daily Deviation (a feature on the main page of the art website, DeviantArt) on my photograph, Hope.  Over 1000 messages in the space of a day!  After years of struggling to carve out some sort of creative niche, I feel a bit overwhelmed.  And honored and thrilled at the same time.  It's nice to get a bit of recognition now and then.  So now I can say I've had my fifteen minutes of web fame.



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