Shameless Plug Time!

The Drabbler #13
Vanishing Act by Jacquelyne Drainville
Illustration by Tim Sale

I'm settling into my position as managing editor of AnthologyBuilder.  I love it!  Love the stories, and the experience, and meeting a number of new and interesting authors.  Nancy Fulda has brought Merrie Haskell aboard to head the public domain section.  Welcome, Merrie!
Our home loan still hasn't closed, so we're in moving limbo.  It makes it hard to check the net and get anything productive done beyond packing and waiting.  Nancy has kindly offered to shoulder my duties while I move.  Thanks, Nancy!  We've had to extend all of our moving plans twice now, but it looks (hopefully) like the end is in sight.  Buying a home in this market has been no easy feat.  I'm looking forward to actually starting work on the home.

It looks like I might have to download my website and find alternate hosting for it.  Google is switching their websites to Google Sites which apparently doesn't allow java, custom css or even html editing...  I suppose it was too good to last at only $10 a year.  Any of my web savvy friends know where I should go next?  My domain's registered through GoDaddy, but I'm not really tied to it.  I have no idea how to move a whole website.  Any tech help would be appreciated... Lauren?  Help! ;) :D

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I recommend Wordpress -- I had to go from a website to a blog format (you can still have a front page if you want; it's up to you). But I found the blog format a lot more flexible.

If you need a hosting company, I recommend Lunarpages. I think it is...7 a year?

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When I saw the original job description, I thouhgt about applying....except for that 'public domain' part. I could only think that would suck up endless amounts of time!

So far so good ;o)

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Heh, thank you! :)

I'd actually already sent in a few formatted public domain stories before applying. It's actually quite easy, once you can figure out a story's copyright status... Okay, it can be a bit of a pain. But it's worth it to get favorite classics onto AB.

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moving a site is reasonably easy if you do it right. it can get messy when you have to reassign name servers (they tell the domain name where the site actually is). i've actually managed to break one recently so perhaps i'm not a good person to ask!

i've used the same hosting company for years now so i have no idea what's going on in the market. you might have to spend a little more to get the things you want. i can recommend host nexus. that who i was with for ages before i finally moved my site to my dad's hosting (which is also with host nexus).

you should also check out if your ISP gives you any space. mine does and while i don't think i can attach my own domain name to it, it's useful for storing things. your ISP might let you do direct your domain name to the space. that way you don't have to pay for hosting and you'll find you can probably do all the things you want to.

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I think my ISP gives me a very small amount of space. I have to check. I'll definitely look into host nexus. The best form of recommendation is finding a longtime happy customer.

Do you know if host nexus has directions for transferring sites? As long as I have a step-by-step I should be able to find my way through. Hopefully. :)

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Woohoo! Congrats again on the sale.

Fingers crossed for you on all the moving stuff. Carting your entire world from one location to another is a pain no matter *how* you do it, but I'm sure being in limbo just prolongs the agony...

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Thank you!

It looks like we'll be getting our keys next Thursday. There have been so many delays that I'm hoping I'm not jinxing myself now. One nice thing is that we have done a great deal of packing and cleaning while we've waited.



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