Here's my take on an old classic. I've been working on a retelling of the story, and many of these images have been stuck in my mind for months.

The drawing itself was done for Tim Sale's Travel Sketchbook. Tim Sale is the artist behind Batman: The Long Halloween, Spiderman: Blue, and the art of the TV show Heroes. I was really blessed to get to be a part of this experience. Thanks, Tim!

You can read all about the submissions and the book's travels here -- [link]

And you can see the images here -- [link]

My pictures should be up there within the next few days, so check back often!

The drawing was done with graphite pencils and Prismacolors. It took me about four days to complete. Too many hours to count. I'm glad it's done and that the book is on its way again. But it's a memory I'll treasure forever.



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