It's almost that time of year.  No, not Halloween.  And don't you dare say Christmas, it's not even December yet!  It's almost time for the National Novel Writing Month!  Go see the insanity that is writing a novel in a month here.  Amazing, isn't it?  I thought so.  And I decided to enter it this year.  Why not?  I've always wanted to finish a novel.  I've started a number of them, but I lack follow-through.  I think this might help me get into the groove of writing daily again.  And whether it does or doesn't affect my future efforts, I'll at least have a good start into a book.  I'm excited.  Especially since people I know will be taking the challenge.  I hope more of you do!  It'll be fun, and insane, and busy, and did I mention insane?  But what an accomplishment that could be achieved.

In other news, Daniel is taking his first steps.  He balances better day by day, and finds more ways to get into trouble by the second. :D  He's a very inquisitive kid.

Southern California is on fire in every direction, so I've been spending most of the day indoors.  I feel awful for all of the displaced people, the lost homes, the dead wildlife.  Blah.  But I am hopeful for a speedy recovery, and thankful for the amazing team of firefighters we have.  I just saw on the news how firefighters have been risking themselves in homes that have been abandoned to fire to save personal effects like photos.  How touching is that?

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Are you going to write about Blaise?
(To anybody who doesn't know-No, this isn't a sick fire joke. I really like this character.)

Firefighters are amazing people.

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No, alas no Blaise. I've already written a good deal of his story, and I want to start from scratch.

The story's about a mute sorceress's early years. I'm going to have a senile old magic professor who will be fun, though. I have to add the crazy in there somewhere. :D

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Yay for Nano! I am doing it too, although not really officially, because I already have 3000 words, and that would be cheating. But i do plan to take advantage of the updates and forums and whatnot.

And Yay for Daniel's first steps. Pretty soon, nothing will be safe from little hands! Hurrah for childproofing!

I am also glad to hear you guys are well away from the fire. It's a very sad, scary state of events.

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Awesomeness. Good to hear that you're taking the challenge whether officially or not. I don't know about you, but it feels really nice to be writing (and thinking about writing) again.

Daniel's into almost everything already. I'm dreading what will happen when he learns how to climb onto chairs and tables! Childproofing has been pretty funny. There are pillows and pads all over the front room where he plays.


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